Baltimore emergency dental care

Baltimore Emergency Dental Care

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Dental trauma in Baltimore

There are some things that you simply cannot plan for. You take care of your teeth, brush and floss, come in for six month exams and cleanings, but the dental trauma caused by an accident or injury may threaten your ability to retain one or more of your teeth. At Quest Dental, we do everything possible to save a tooth that has been loosened from its socket.

If the tooth is still attached to the socket, it’s called a dislodged tooth. Avulsed is the term used when the tooth is completely free of the socket. Our Baltimore emergency dental care should begin immediately. Call our office for essential advice and guidance. One thing to do with a dislodged tooth is to attempt to gently push it back into place. Don’t force it, though. An avulsed tooth is being robbed of its moisture, which it needs to survive. So place it in a container of milk or warm water with just a pinch of salt. Bring it along with you so that our Baltimore emergency dental care can try to restore it. You should make use of over-the-counter pain relief medication to address discomfort. Hold an ice pack against your face to manage any swelling. As soon as you arrive, our urgent dentist will conduct an examination and take x-rays. In many cases, a dislodged tooth will be able to be held in with orthodontic wire or a splint and just heal on its own. Avulsed teeth typically require root canal therapy to repair them. While no one can guarantee that the tooth in question can be rescued, the more quickly you receive care, the better the chances are.

Hospital emergency rooms are rarely equipped for dental care and usually don’t even have a dentist on staff. Be sure to reach out to our Baltimore emergency dental care right away when you experience dental trauma.

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