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No matter how much you brush and floss, regularly visiting your dentist for exams is vital for maintaining good oral health. Dental exams involve tests and procedures that thoroughly clean your teeth, and allow an experienced dentist – like our Baltimore family dentists – detect any health problems. Dental exams can also include x-rays, in order to detect problems not directly visible to our dentists. Our priority is your health, and through regular exams, we can help you reach your dental goals.

Dental Checkups Baltimore
Dental Checkups Baltimore

The first step of an oral exam is to review patient medical history. Our Baltimore family dentists know how important it is to discuss any prior medical issues with you, in order to evaluate your risk for certain conditions. Your lifestyle choices can also affect your dental health, and we are sure to work out any concerns you may have. Then our dentists examine the inside of your mouth, being carefully thorough to check for your risk of tooth decay, root decay, gum disease, bone disease, and more. Additionally, it is common to do a thorough dental cleaning during an examination – it just makes sense to get it all done in one session, since we are already inside your mouth; our goal is to have our patients leave our office with a healthier smile than they came in with!

Dental x-rays are a valued tool for early diagnosing, and detecting damage and diseases that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Our Baltimore family dentists determine how often and when x-rays should be taken depending on your current oral health. We also focus on your risk for certain conditions, and base our assessment off of that as well. Children usually need more dental x-rays than adults because their teeth and jaws are constantly growing and developing, leaving more opportunity for conditions to develop.

The ADHA suggests that adults have a dental exam every six months. When was the last time you had yours? Oh, wow, that long ago? It’s okay though, because it’s never too late to get back on track. Here at Quest Dental, we invite you to visit our Baltimore family dentist, so we can help you on your path to better dental health. Simply call us at 410-774-5377 or visit our website, to schedule an appointment online! When it’s that easy to take care of your smile, it’s easy to take control of your own oral health.

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