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Biannual dental cleanings and yearly dental visits are incredibly important to your dental and oral health. Our Baltimore general dentist here at Quest Dental, Katherine Grant Collier, DDS, can help provide you with thorough examinations, gentle cleanings, and overall comprehensive dental care. Regular visits allow your dentist to properly monitor your mouth, making it easier to notice and identify any developing conditions in their earliest stages. Catching things at their earliest sign is key to preventing further damage, pain or discomfort. But if any damage or decay does occur, Quest Dental can provide you with the care you need.

Cavity Treatment 21202

Cavity Treatment 21202

Cavities are among some of the most common dental ailments that patients experience. Regular flossing, brushing and thorough dental cleanings all help to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, but sometimes tooth decay can occur for other reasons. These reasons may include inherently sensitive teeth, poor tooth enamel, eating habits, certain medical conditions, or even simply your age. A cavity forms when a sufficient amount of plaque has built up on the surface of the tooth. When this plaque interacts with bacteria found in the mouth along with the sugars and starches found in foods, an acidic reaction occurs which then begins to eat away at the tooth enamel. Cavities can advance to cause more serious infection that effect the tooth, gums and jaw, requiring root canal surgery or complete removal of the tooth. Here at Quest Dental, we can provide you with an initial exam that will determine the current state of your dental health and determine what your exact oral care needs are. Our Baltimore general dentist, Dr. Collier, is here to help treat any cavities you may have and provide you with treatment options that will work best for you.

Once a cavity is identified, it must be cleaned and filled to prevent further tooth decay. If there is any food or plaque around the hole in the tooth, it will promptly be removed and done so carefully by our Baltimore general dentist. Dr. Collier will also clean your other teeth here at Quest Dental to rid of any other present plaque buildup. The cavity is then filled with a resin that will prevent further infection. There are many filling options, but composite resin fillings can mimic the color of your tooth to provide a more seamless smile. Composite dental fillings are virtually unnoticeable compared to other filling materials such as gold or silver amalgam.

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