Dental care in Baltimore

Dental Care in Baltimore

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If you are pregnant, or you’re actively trying to get pregnant, let our dentist know, because there is special attention you should have from our dental care in Baltimore. Here at Quest Dental, we are dedicated to your optimal oral health, and there are certain concerns that affect pregnant women and that should be addressed.

For one thing, since you have a full dental exam twice per year, it is likely that you will need dental x-rays at some point during your pregnancy. There is no need to forgo them, as the x-rays themselves don’t present any particular danger. Thanks to advances in imaging technology, x-rays are safer for everyone today, including you. However, our dental care in Baltimore will take extras precautions, including shielding your abdomen and thyroid while the x-rays are being taken. Be sure to schedule your regular dental exam while you are pregnant. With all that you have going on, it can be tempting to put it off, but due to hormonal changes, you are greater risk for gum disease, making an examination all the more vital. Women are susceptible to a condition called pregnancy gingivitis, in which your gums can become tender and bleed easily. If you notice any such symptoms, call us and book an appointment.

It is also very important to keep us in the loop regarding any medications or supplements, including prenatal vitamins, you are taking as part of your pregnancy, as this may cause our dental care in Baltimore to make necessary adjustments to your dental treatments in order to account for that. You should also avoid any elective dental work until after you give birth. Regular dental maintenance, and essential procedures can and should be done, however.

Adhering to a good nutritional plan during pregnancy is a good idea for many reasons, including to keep your teeth and gums healthy. And since your baby’s teeth begin to develop during pregnancy, as early as three months, you will want to make certain that your diet is healthful and includes plenty of calcium and other important minerals to support tooth development. And, of course, if you have any questions, our dental care in Baltimore is here to answer them for you.

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