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Mothers-to-be are always cautious about chemicals and medications for the safety of their baby, and the care of their teeth is no different. Many pregnant mothers often wonder if they can still receive dental care while they are pregnant, and if so, what? The best way to receive orthodontist treatment during these months is to keep you doctor informed of you decisions, and to make an appointment with a dentist who specializes in the treatment of pregnant women for procedures that will keep your smile healthy, without any risk to your growing child. At Quest Dental, your local Downtown Baltimore family dentist, you will find exactly what you need to maintain the overall health of you and your child.

Downtown Baltimore Dental Office
Downtown Baltimore Dental Office

If you are planning on having expanding your family, it is best to visit your local Downtown Baltimore family dentist before you are pregnant. This way the fully trained staff at Quest Dental can give you complete and total care of your teeth and gum line with a comprehensive examination and professional cleaning before your pregnancy can complicate things. By planning your dental work early with our staff, Dr. Katherine Grant Collier can identify any oral or dental problems you have now, and discuss what treatment options should be taken before you become pregnant. These early examinations can also help you to know what types of dentistry are needed for your dental health while you are pregnant, and what cosmetic procedures should be avoided.

Once you become pregnant, there are limits to what you can have done at your Downtown Baltimore family dentist. While cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitenings should be avoided for the health of your growing child, other procedures should not be delaying, such as cleaning for the treatment of periodontitis, which can cause infections that could spread to other parts of the body if they are not properly treated by our caring staff. At Quest Dental we recommend to avoid delaying dental emergencies such as a tooth extraction or a root canal for the risk of infection, but we also advise against having any x-rays done if it is possible to work without them. Advances in x-ray technology such as digital x-rays have made them much safer, but the less you do, the better off you are.

At Quest Dental we have been proudly serving our community as your Downtown Baltimore family dentist for over twenty years. In this time we’ve seen more than a few pregnant mothers about the unique health of their smile, and our staff is specially trained in the unique challenges that accompany providing dental care for expecting mothers. We can even help you cope with morning sickness by recommending brands of toothpaste that are less likely to cause you difficulties. At Quest Dental we are ready to help you maintain your healthy smile, and the health of your unborn child.

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