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Baltimore Teeth Whitening Treatments

Professional teeth whitening is your best option when you are looking for immediate whitening results while keeping your teeth healthy. There are a variety of products and procedures available to you that will whiten your teeth, leaving you with the bright smile you’ve always wanted. During our in-office whitening, our experts who specialize in healthy smiles in Baltimore, will apply either a protective gel to your gums, or a rubber shield to protect your oral soft tissues. A bleaching agent is then applied to your teeth and a special, intense light is used to enhance the action of the bleaching agent.

We do have some patients who prefer to whiten their teeth in the privacy of their own home, and to promote healthy smiles in Baltimore, we offer a safe, effective product for use at home which we can dispense from our Quest Dental office. They are generally teeth whitening trays, paint-on products, or strips. These products contain peroxide(s) which actually bleach your tooth’s enamel. Peroxide-containing whiteners come in a gel form and are placed in teeth whitening trays. Some products are used twice a day for 2 weeks, while others are intended for overnight use for 1-2 weeks. Our healthy smiles in Baltimore start with a custom-fitted teeth whitening tray that will fit your teeth perfectly. Teeth whitening strips are flexible, narrow, plastic strips with a thin film of hydrogen peroxide bleaching on one side. Whitening strip kits come with two types of strips: strips for your upper teeth and strips for your lower teeth. The bleaching agent is applied by placing the strips over your teeth and pressing them gently into place to make sure there is complete contact with all your teeth. Teeth whitening strips are usually worn for 30 minutes a day, twice a day, and the duration of treatment varies with each patient.

 Paint-on teeth whitening is another way to get bright healthy smiles in Baltimore, and allow you to apply a bleaching agent directly to your teeth without a tray or strip. You simply “paint” the whitener onto the surface of your clean, dry teeth, and wait about 30 minutes while the paint turns to a dry film. The film can be removed by simply brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush. One advantage to this process is that you can selectively paint individual teeth. If you decide you would like to go beyond regular care to make your smile even brighter, our whitening specialists will help you investigate all of your options.

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